EUCNC Albania

EUCNC Albania is established as the headquarters of the EU-China Commission for the 17+1 countries.

The EU-China Commission (EUCNC) is a non-governmental organization approved and supported by the Chinese and European Authorities. It promotes economic and cultural cooperation and exchanges between Europe and China and plays an important role in implementing the Belt and Road and 17+1 Initiatives.

EUCNC Albania uses the Euroasia group of entities to implement its directives and achieve the objectives of EUCNC in the region. The two key entities within the Euroasia group of entities are Euroasia Investment Partners (EIP) and Euroasia Travel Experts (ETE).

EIP is a diversified trade and investment services company that facilitates trade and investment between China and the 17+1 European Region by providing a platform to bridge commercial and financial markets between the two.  ETE is actively participating in the Belt and Road Initiative by bridging cultural, leisure and sport and health tourism between China and the 17+1 European Region.


Kotoni Center, Rruga Donika Kastrioti, Nr. 3, Hyrja 2, Kati 3, Zyra 3

(+355) 42200628



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