Our board is led by our chairman Mr. Ilirjan Koxhioni, who has over twenty-five years of experience in interacting with China. He is also Vice-Chairman of the EU China Commission and in common with the rest of the board of EUCNC Center, has a shared passion for the peoples and culture of China and Europe.

The remaining board members have occupied senior roles in the legal profession and government service and have a strong commitment to promoting cooperation between China and the 17  Central Eastern European countries. Corporate ethics and responsibility are foremost in their minds when deliberating board decisions.

The Board is comprised as follows:



Chairman of the Board
Mr. Ilirjan Koxhioni
Executive Director
Ms. Jona Dervishi
Board Member
Ms. Theodhora Koxhioni
Board Member
Mr. Lorena Shele


Board Member
Mr. Bardhyl  Sejdarasi
Board Member
Mr. Li Pengzhi




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